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You can with a huge choice of activities on these psychic areas learn, re-learn, grow and you specialize in these esoteric dimensions. The variety is wide and allows you to meet strange that guide you through the mysticism of spirituality, such as the encounter with the spirits, life after death, astral travel, ethereal presence in your environmentImage

It must therefore be armed with caution.

Astral travel is a duplication. This is the projection of the body said ” subtle ” ( the envelope of consciousness, the soul ) outside the physical body , insiders prefer the term ” externalization of consciousness ” can be done unintentionally ( this which is the case during sleep ), or deliberately using different techniques.

– Firstly , here are some conditions to be met before considering longer on astral travel : – Moral Sense : You should avoid all excesses , negative thoughts or black , drugs or abuse alcohol, etc. . In addition , you must be willing to relaxation and meditation ( yoga is an excellent technique )

– Background : The silence is required (except soft music ) and a near- total isolation ( no phone, shuttered , light off , etc. . ) . The temperature should be neutral (neither too hot nor too cold ) and you must be alone (except those high confidence) .

– Clothing : Your clothing should be comfortable and above all , if it’s hot , very light, or if it is cold , very hot. Avoid metal accessories , all that is superfluous as well.

– Timing : Preferably, the full moon or otherwise, in the evening or at night (not recommended during the day) . The so-called “magic ” ( Sabbaths ) nights are also

you and dimensions

conducive to this kind of practice , especially the equinoxes and solstices. To begin, you must lie down on a flat surface , preferably rigid ( to avoid: soft or waterbed mattress) , the head towards the north. An incense stick can be lit to help

a serene atmosphere and thus more conducive . Then , try to relax each area of the body , starting with the ends . You also need to work on your breathing ( retain , release , breathe softly, then louder , etc. . ) . Obviously, this must be done under high concentration and meditation. You need to eat light before to promote astral travel and after a high concentration , you must visualize your goal you split , collect your output outside of your physical body , you let go and feel floating in space . This is the visualization, concentration and meditation that will be key to the success of your projection. It is also said that imagining the hands that raise us, it can help. Here are several projection techniques :

– Technique ” blue wave ” Relaxation must be total , we must imagine that you come back or you get up from the ground with a single blow , then you have to imagine a blue wave submerge your body, head to toe .

– Technique ” string “: It must first

relax , as if you want to sleep. Then you have to imagine ( although not necessarily view) a rope is near you . Focus your entire being on the rope on the climb . Grab the rope and pull sharply

at the same time your body.
– Technique of “yo -yo ” Put yourself in a state of intense relaxation .


Pick a point , a target on the ceiling above you. Visualize your new position ( above your body, very close to your target) , imagine your new spatial coordinates … This time , try to raise your consciousness out of your body as one target that you aim was only a few inches from you . Then move your awareness into the room , turn to ” update ” your new spatial coordinates. Initially, an astral journey can last only a fraction of a second, but , with time, it should last longer and longer . Here are some events that may occur during an astral projection : – craving (disappearance ) of one of your members

– Duplication with consciousness in the physical body and / or body split Finally, note that it is extremely difficult for most people to achieve it or maintain this state for a long time . But strength training and repetition, it will trigger a ” reflex ” projection and travels will last longer and longer . As we said earlier , we must arm ourselves with caution but also a lot of patience …