Paranormal Tours


PayPal Purchases- Tickets will NOT be mailed.  Upon arrival, please give the name of the purchaser and the number of tickets purchased. 
All tickets are non-refundable. The price raises to $30 at the door.
Join us Friday night for scintillating tales from paranormal experts, listen to audio clips found in the Tinker Cottage, and enjoy a tour with the chance to have your own paranormal encounter. Each tour begins in the Barn.

Each Friday has a different paranormal expert from the area who present their wide and varied encounters with the paranormal. From investigators, book writers, and sensitives, their experiences are just as exciting as their personalities. 

You are welcome and encouraged to bring your own equipment (cameras, camcorders, audio recorders, emf). 

Please follow the guidelines while on a  tour of the Cottage:

  • Flash photography is not permitted.
  • Do not touch, sit or lean on the objects.
  • You must remain with your group at all times.
  • We are not responsible for any lost, damaged or stolen items.
  • If you are unable to follow these guidelines, the Tinker Swiss Cottage staff reserve the right to remove you from the tour and will not issue a refund.

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