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Our blog introduce the new form of tourism, “paranormal tours” , the paranormal travel destinations are becoming more entertaining to visit and families and individuals alike are enjoying traveling to those destinations. If you enjoy ghost stories, UFO’s and the paranormal, you must visit these destinations to see what all the commotion is about.

Please stay a while and visit our blog, which is packed full of informations, photos, videos . There is something for everyone!

Definition of the paranormal tours

The tourism industry continues to evolve. New, often unexpected, tours are offered today. We already are familiar with space tourism, you can have an adventure in the company of wild animals, and now the activists and the most progressive and creative travel suppliers are speaking seriously about paranormal tours. Roads, hotels, restaurants and shopping centers are being built in the vicinity to paranormal areas that attract more and more tourists every day.

paranormal tours

So, in the near future we can expect a further promotion of paranormal tourism. More special tourist objects (UFO parks, recreation areas, etc.) will be built in the paranormal areas. At the moment a tourist resort is being built in the immediate vicinity to the place where the Tunguska meteorite landed almost a hundred years ago. Also we can expect new tours to the places related to Bigfoot, dinosaurs and other strange-looking creatures.

The question is whether paranormal tours are so popular and promising as a new tourism field? Are people so anxious to come into contact with extraterrestrial civilizations, and visit paranormal areas? Skeptics and critics of this type of travel are, of course, abound, but the costs of tours to the sites related to UFO are going up and are expected to be even more. It is no doubt that paranormal tours will be in great demand soon.

While only 30% of adults do believe in ghosts, traction and interest in the paranormal is still there. Paranormal tours are based on this specific of human mind. Paranormal tours are pretty popular in the UK, France and Germany. In these countries, the owners of castles, hotels provide an opportunity for the tourists to catch a ghost and make good money on this ghost business. However, the high tourist season there is from September to March only. It is believed that the activity of the inhabitants of other worlds is greatest in these months. At the same time the activity of ‘normal’ tourists falls in these months. Although only 2-3% of the overall number of tourists are keen on this kind of extreme tours, the demand for these individual tours keeps growing.

According to what travel operators say, travelers are looking for the ghost experience not only in the castles. Massive hunt for ghosts are reported in the places of known burials, and in the first place – in the Egyptian pyramids.

The high demand for paranormal tours is obvious. In general, people today have a high interest and thirst for the paranormal, and this seems to be a new, promising field for the tourism industry.

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